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 Texto y Foto por Werner Roozen / Junio 08, 2017

El grupo chileno LA CIENCIA SIMPLE viajó el mes pasado a Europa para participar en el afamado Dunk!Festival, después de dar ese épico show realizaron algunas presentaciones en otras ciudades del Viejo Continente, la primera de estas fechas se llevó a cabo en Antwerp, Bélgica el 30 de Mayo; nuestro buen amigo Werner Roozen, bajista del grupo FOREST MOUNTAIN, nos contó lo acontecido en ese evento y con mucho gusto te lo presentamos a continuación...

It was a truly beautiful day in Antwerp, warm and recovering from DUNK!FESTIVAL. The venue itself is in a busy street which was stuck with traffic, a lot of car honking and searching for the venue followed. Finally arrived it had a lot of MOJO: small, warm, stinking of day old spilled beer and a whole DIY mentality. What else to say I already loved it!

A younger band that didn’t find a vocalist so decided to join the Post-Rock scene. Some opinions of random people: "possibly the best thing after Godspeed", "can’t imagine the bass player being so amazingly good", "my mind was blown".

Playing a hometown match since they're from Antwerp, they bring a mix of ambient but also powerful riffage of Post-Rock. You can hear a lot of influences coming from And So I Watched You From Afar & Russian Circles. The smoke machine started working during this show which added to the gloomy atmosphere, the stage got a bit more crowded, which added to some cosines.

I was really looking forward to seeing this one again, being blown away at Dunk this would be a treat in a small venue, of which they took HALF to play! Well, maybe it was the heat but damn it was amazing. Standing centimeters away whilst seeing them play was amazing. The dark riffs dripping with emotions made it a show I won’t forget easily.

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